Frantisek DRTIKOL

Drtikol is an internationally known Czech photographer whose photographs and portraits are known to express "decorativeness, motion, and the stillness and expression of individual lines". His use of shadows and geometric decorations reminds the viewer of the avangard as well as cubist art works of his time. His nudes laid the groundwork for the aesthetic of future work in photography. He routinely and enthusiastically employed paper-cuts in his photographs and created a style that draws the viewer into his artistic playground; a playground that seems like a collage of the real and the imaginary. Paper-cuts mark the ultimate stage in which desire passes entirely from humans to props in Drtikol's work. After he quit photography, he painted until the end of his life. Nevertheless, most of his paintings seem to be the echos of his photographic work expressed in a different medium.


Text © Cigdem Mirol